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tv   [untitled]    February 7, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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. >> good morning. welcome to the board of supervisors san francisco board of education i'm mark farrell i'll be chairing
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the committee i want to welcome our new supervisor supervisor tang i want it thank jonathan and mark as well as the clerk ms. clerk linda wong madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the february 10th agenda unless otherwise stated retroactively accepting one hundred and 12 thousand for the university of california to participate in a program entitled hiv transition farah period of july 1st through june 1st, 2015. >> we have dpw here thanks for being here.
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>> i'm sharon an with me is dr. the principle investor we've prepared a short stated. >> good morning this study is a collaborative effort between san francisco public health to understand the hiv parents in the city through we plan on characterizing both 0 o through biological to account for large portions of large transitioned we were able to inform the prevention strategy to prevent further hiv in the city. >> thank you very much appreciate you being here if no questions at this point in time
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we don't have any budget analyst report anyone wish to comment on item one seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor tang thank you. i want to appreciate you being here dpw and, of course this is very important work so i know there are month matching funds required from the city that is something dpw continual engages in i want to send this is to the board with with a positive recommendation and we'll take that we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk item 2. >> a resolution 30 years the city administrator a granting amount of one hundred 50 fors from the pg&e fund for the citizen technology for the school years 2014-2015. >> thank you. we have john gavin from our city administrators off the.
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>> ms. keeling is in route i'll present the short presentation regarding this item. >> so i'm sure you're aware of city hall is turning one hundred this are happy birthday to city hall we'll have a celebration in june and this accept and expend fund towards the celebration.
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>> as san francisco struggled in the 1906 san francisco earthquake disaster a symptom of renewed hope began to take shape a palace not for queens and kings. >> after the earthquake and fire city hall was damaged and this was a desire for leadership in the city to create a brand new civic center and brand new city hall that represented the citizens of san francisco mayor ralph said this building was built without a hint of grass and represents a sort of come
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back for the city of san francisco. >> and master sculpture that seebd the workforce from around the world left messages behind like the messages of strength and, liability and equality and learning that's what you feel when you walk a work in this building. >> for one hundred years all those two came through the braujz doors witnessed the history events it shaped the heart and soul in san francisco. >> it was an amazing place to come to work to report everyday coming bro through those doors. >> up that staircase made you want to do your best work. >> city hall is a jewel in our crown it's part of our culture
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and legacy like the golden gate bridge it's honored this building in its glorious history and preserve it for generations to come. >> san francisco city hall is criminally unique place not just a symptom of all the things that are uniquely san francisco it is a place that inspires one to be an activist an recognize to do human rights it gave me in cultural and civic stylists yes it all happens right here in san francisco's city hall and what truly is the people's palace. >> what you saw is is teaser of
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the sister-in-law documentary film called the people's palace of the magic building the fund will to help with the upgrade and specifically led lighting currently, we have some beautiful lighting here no san francisco city hall for example when the giants one the world's series it was black and it took etch individually to go from the lighting to the specific jells so this led system will enable us to do simply the new technology as easy an, an ipad change the lighting colors and also in celebration of the one hundred birthday of city hall we'll have an school board
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company do a light show those are images of what we can do for the celebration. >> obscure is known all over the world for they're terrific light shows also the funds will help with the new fire system and upgrades i've upgrades and drapes and carpeting thank you for your time. >> okay. thank you mr. gavin colleagues any he questions at this point in time seeing none move on opium anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed thanks excuse me. mr. gavin and welcome mr. kelly see you in the chambers supervisor tang and i want to thank the city
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administration office for silver bullet this building you call the people palaces it's great not only in city hall but our our general public it's on for everyone i'm looking forward to how our city participates and the board planning department in the sentinel celebration to make 9 structure improvement for our residents as well and supervisor mar. >> thank you chair fairly i wanted to say i think this is a great accept and expend and that's correct per diem pg&e for the contribution to the fund and the administrator naomi kelly for briefing me on the wonderful way to show off it is the jell
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system that will reduce the labor costs and it's energy efficient this $150,000 for 40 from pg&e do you know what the total cost of the lighting system the other projects canoeing the documentary film. >> yes. good morning supervisor naomi kelly the led project is estimated one million dollars as the digital installation is about $2 million because we're trying to do a permit installation on the temporary one and the documentary thirty minute document about $250,000 in excess we'll do a celebration
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gin 19 for everyone to come and just watch us light up the building. >> and how much of the funds will be from the private sector versus. >> about $1.8 million to $2 million from my capital budget in the department of real estate and the rest philanthropic dollars but all the money we raised specifically to the to the senior citizen annual celebration anything over $100000 we'll have to come back. >> it is exciting as we come up to the one hundred celebration i mentioned to show case our city and beautiful building can you talk about how the fund will be
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used as we prepare for that conference. >> the fund is for the serial number annual but we will coordinate our event the lighting that same day all the mayors will be here at city hall with our public celebration in the civic center plaza where you can come out and enjoy the lighting ceremony with all their families accident irony a hundred years ago in the 5 we met with the pan pacific happening 2, 3, 4 san francisco with the san francisco showing of of the san francisco 1906 san francisco earthquake all the buildings that came on mayors all over the world came to the civic center back in then 1906 san francisco earthquake it's
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fitting we'll be silver bullet the civic hall from that earthquake. >> and our economics go downturn in many ways thank you for walking us through this i appreciate the the work and exciting what's coming up this year. >> thank you, supervisors thank you naomi kelly and to our entire office and for the caption outside of city hall and as mentioned we have this anniversary we're going to kind of this month so it's an exciting time in san francisco and this will be an awesome show in june that's correct we have public comment so i have a motion to send this forward with a positive recommendation. >> okay madam clerk call item 3. >> appropriately $9.5 million for the water enterprise fund
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balance for the department budget to support the project to clean up at lake merced for 2014-2015 and adapting various finding. >> thanks very much we have puc to speak on this item. >> good morning, steve richie this item is requesting a appropriation of $5.5 million of water fund for this clean up of the pacific gun club site adjacent to that will be the order as before trap and square feet shooting and modification of the debris on the site from 199460 years of accomodation that needs to be cleaned up our plan is to excavate the soil and make sure we brings that to a
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safe use levels for any potential uses on the site that we might pose in the future i'll be happy to answer any questions but rest assured this is a high provided for the puc to move forward with and thank you very much supervisor tang. >> sure i understand that puc is flont the cost for the clean up i wonder if you can shed some light for the public about the responsibility for the gun club and what changes have been made over the course of the years i know you mentioned the regulations that changed i hope they're no longer able to use lead shots but shed some light for the responsibility of the clean up costs. >> sure as i said in 99 had the
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the board prevented the led shot to o so they changed to melt and steel shots it wasn't just for this type of gun club dloit bay area it was issued to the gun club but issued to the city as the property owner which is standard pro-practice for property cleans up a tenant or yourselves of the land is responsible but to the property owner is liable that the tenant is not able to accomplish the clean up this is a standard practice in the destroy 0 we've got another gun club we cleaned up years ago this property we went through the effort of identifying the clean up plan we have this noted in the document filed a complaint against the club for damages to attempt at
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that recovery the clean up costs we're working that and that is in litigation right now that remains to be seen whatever costs to recover we have the responsibility for the land as a main party and that's where we have that order was issued in 2015 yes go ahead and plan for clean up it was administratively approved by the board in 2014 and we're ready to go back to work the bids are on tomorrow we expect to be given the claet clean up project. >> if you can again, i know from the budget analyst report but shed in sighted on the timeline for things you've mentioned the construction but 30esh8 when it is going to end as well as what the puc plans going forward after the clean up is done. >> the schedule for the clean up lasts on the order of a year
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depending on the conditions because a lot of the earth activity hoping to get some rain it will slow down the activity rather have the rain it shouldn't take more than a year and the property will be fit for use sometime during that year when were we pretty well underway the puc has a public process not total defined to look at possible uses of the site in the future and for proposals from lots of different ferocities so the puc to death with rec and park can make a decision in future. >> it's not clear that the gun operation will continue after the clear up. >> their lease expires
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april 8th of the of this year our plan rare evacuating and start the clean up process. >> all right. thank you very much. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you, mr. richie i want to say it didn't fit well, that rate payers are frovpt the costs to do the clean up and the gun club be responsibilities for the contamination is really it seems like a conflict that rate payers are having to deal with that i know in 2007 the board passed a resolution urging a stronger roll in 2007 for the water system or supply for the city so let me verify you said the gun club is out by 2018 and evacuating the premises. >> yes.
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>> for the future there will be different rvps but some kind of use that we're adhere to the protection of the water quality and the lake merced as a back up for the city. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you appreciate you're being here we may have more questions to the budget analyst report. >> mr. rose to your report. >> yes. mr. chair on page 4 of the report we recorded the puc's request to clean up the contaminated soil and replacement soil at the lake merced site is $22 million plus to date 5 hundred plus is appropriated from the puc revenues as shown on the table the remaining $90,000 plus and
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the puc's water enterprise revenues will allow them to complete the construction management and the construction to clean up the soil and comply with the regal control bodies clean up on page 5 we note that the total of $22 million $500000 plus the construction contract is $180 million $500,000 e.r. approximately 84 percent of the total cost so over the construction bids will not be received until february 5th, 2015 so it should be those estimates are not based on actual bids the total bids received the actual costs to complete the bid is not known until the bids are received so we report on page 6 of our report the activities of the
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club clearly resulted in the soil contamination on the lake merced property the city should be responsible for the clean up on the cities property and you'll efforts to recover the payment to offset the city's cost to clean up at the city of lake merced as we note the puc is subtract is to the regional quality control board and ultimately responsible for the water shed land our recommendations on page 7 we recommend that you amend the proposed ordinance to the $9 million on budgeted and financed reserve pending the selection of the contract to complete the work relate to the contaminated soil and the reminded of the clean up soil at the lake merced property and we accept the promoted an amendment
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to be acknowledged by the board of supervisors. >> okay mr. rose colleagues any questions for mr. rose. >> okay. at this point we'll open this up to public comment anyone wish to comment only item 3 seeing none, public is closed so colleagues, we have a recommendation by our budget analyst and could you have a motion or supervisor tang. >> i didn't wanted to say in closing i know this is kind of an interesting situation we're in with the puc having to front the cost for the mitigation aforementioned i just want to note i'm glad that the puc has updated they're releasing guidelines as well as wanting to make sure we point our city departments to work to the cities risks math division if they have questions about the risks so really my message to the department utilize the
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resource so again, this item makes people uncomfortable it is what we have to do we'll take the budget analyst represents to take the $9.5 million on committee reserve i'd like to make that motion. >> a motion by supervisor katie tang can we take that without objection? so moved >> all right. so do we need to approve the underlying ordinance. >> yes. supervisor tang has amended the ordinance forward it on to the full board. >> can i have a motion to that effect by supervisor mar we'll did that we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk call item 4. >> item 4 a resolution authorizing the second amendment with the land ordinance of 9 thousand square feet he 711th avenue informs to january 31st,
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2018, at the basement of $350,000 per year. >> good morning, mr. chairman i'm glaud a i can't the director of real estate the resolution authorizes a second amendment to an existing office lease that provided an overflow space for the department of emergency management and the recorders office and the commission at 7th and van ness the original lease was approved in july 2012 a first amendment approved on extension in june 2013 extending the lease the second amendment provides a 3 year term commencing now until january 31st, 2018 landowner llc required a minimum
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3 six months lease the bails rent increases one dollars 17 and the departments will be required to pay for actual utilities and services and share as the expensive of common space so for operating and expenses for 41 there's per square feet per year that includes $5 for utilities increasing the base rent to 3 hundred and 32 thousand 8 med a year a yearly increase of one dollar per square feet it is before fair market value for the rates that in the area range from the mid 40s to dollars per square feet this allows for the use of 5 parking stalls increasing the costs by $10 a stall for an
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increasing 2 to 3 one thousand $250 a month for the parking unless i very specific questions that concludes my presentation. >> i appreciate it and continues to be shocking with the rental increases around here if no question mr. rose to your report please. excuse me. mr. chairman an page 10 of our report we report that table 2 shows that the increased represent of one hundred and 89 thousand plus needs to be paid that i the city for the 7 eleven van ness facility under the proposed second amendment and on page 11 of the report we note the total costs of 36 months are one million dollars plus on table 3 of page 11 we recommend you approve that resolution.
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>> okay. thank you, mr. rose colleagues any questions go open this up to public comment seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues unless no comments supervisor tang. >> no, i that this is smart of the city not to move forward with those only helping temporary physicians i agree with the budget analyst as that would like to make a motion to forward out this with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> sxhaipg has made a motion we'll take that without objection. madam clerk item 5 and a resolution retroactive for the public health department services enter into a multi contract with the states of health services for july 2013 to 2015 in the amount of
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$33 million and the dpw alcohol and drug administration for the agreements and approve the 10 percent of contracted amount. >> is it dr. martin dpw thank you for being here. >> i want to thank the analyst for their presentation. >> colleagues any questions on this item okay. well mr. rose why not to our report please. yes chairman and members of the committee on page 15 of the report we report that the proposed contract with the state will reinforce the dpw for $83 million plus of the total substance abuse for the 2015-2016 budget of $69 million plus state funding for this contract represents 16 percent of the substance abuse for the 2015-2016 budget in table 2 of page 16 shows


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